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Open to the public, students and non-students, newbies and oldbies, hackers and wizards, all ages welcome!
Totally free (no fees or other expenses).


BUUG (Berkeley Unix User Group) is a friendly support network for residents of Berkeley, CA and surrounding areas, who want to learn and discuss Linux, BSD, Solaris, or other Unix-type systems. Specially geared to network the various *nix groups out there, and for those who attend structured meetings that would enjoy informal gatherings where like minds congregate.




Note that BUUG may do or do some virtual meetings in the meantime - check here (or on our list - see further below) for the latest on that. Also, in the meantime, many (e.g. Linux) Open Source and related user groups, including also quite locally, have switched to virtual meetings. For more information on that, have a look at: BALUG's wiki page on COVID-19 (which includes much information on virtual meetings for many relevant user groups).

In any case, BUUG still has a schedule for meetings, even if may not presently be meeting.

BUUG meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. Meetings are from 7-9pm. See schedule below to confirm meeting places and times. At our physical meetings, we can be seen wih a large "BUUG" placard.

Our meetings are informal get togethers. There is no agenda, there are no designated speakers, and there are no topics off limits. You are welcome to bring your questions/problems to ask the group; technology demonstrations are always enjoyed.

Meeting Schedule
JUNE 2024

6th (Thu): 7-9pm
20th (Thu): 7-9pm

JULY 2024

4th (Thu): 7-9pm
18th (Thu): 7-9pm


1st (Thu): 7-9pm
15th (Thu): 7-9pm


5th (Thu): 7-9pm
19th (Thu): 7-9pm


3rd (Thu): 7-9pm
17th (Thu): 7-9pm


7th (Thu): 7-9pm
21st (Thu): 7-9pm


Mailing List

We have a mailing list to communicate between meetings. The mailing list is open to everyone, regardless of where they live or even whether or not they can attend the meetings.

If you are going to participate in the mailing list, we ask that you observe the following rules:

  1. No commercial postings. This includes job offers, merchandise, software, or services.
  2. Be courteous. While you are free to express your opinions, likes, dislikes, or recipes for lentil soup, rampant hostility will not be tolerated.
To subscribe to the list, visit the list information page. You can also review the mailing list archives.



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