[buug] eth0 trouble boot up

Luis Luis at paycom.net
Thu Apr 6 10:12:05 PDT 2000

	Hello I just joined your new group. I was wondering if anyone could help 
me with a problem that i'm running into. This is what i did, i loaded red 
hat 6.0 on my box. Then when i got the upgrade for red hat 6.1 i loaded it. 
Well after the installation was done with 6.1 i rebooted. When it started 
to reboot , everything was going well until it reached the interface lo it 
passed , but right when it brought up the interface eth0 it just froze. How 
can i fix this problem and what do I have to chance. They tell me that i 
have to look at the modual , plus i don't know what i have to look for.
if anyone could help me out it would be really good.

Thank you


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