[buug] Actual Cost of the iOpener

Jon McClintock jammer at weak.org
Fri Apr 7 16:20:51 PDT 2000


Since we discussed this in depth last night, I thought I'd do my research
and come up with the cost of the iOpener to Netpliance. Now, keep in mind,
this is the cost to _Netpliance_, not the cost of fabrication...

The following numbers are from the NPLI SEC filing...

For 30,000 units, NPLI payed:

2,300,000 to Quanta as a down payment on the units
5,700,000 to Quanta to cover the rest
500,000 to QNX for the operating system customization
247,000 to QNX for licensing

Which works out to about $291.57 per unit. Hmm...


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