[buug] Secure Shell Success?

Bill Schoolcraft bill at wiliweld.com
Sat Aug 5 11:34:28 PDT 2000

At Sat, 5 Aug 2000 it looks like Rick Moen composed:


RM-->Then try remote login, again.  If it still fails, then your system is
RM-->still damaged from the foray into Chris Stoddard's recommendations.


Hello Family,
	This is real funny for I just got through printing the
'Stoddard' page to relax on the couch and read for I wanted to make
sure I FULLY understand anything I'm going to do at this level of
	Having always studied any recommendations by Rick Moen and
always found them to be solid in their foundation I'd like to ask
the group, time permitting, if there is any particular items in
Stoddard's recommendations that should cause alarm, or is the whole
list of suggestions suspect to question.
	I ask this not from a provocative nature but from someone
who just finished a course in (Unix) System_Administration.

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