[buug] FreeBSD vs. Linux

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Aug 25 09:55:20 PDT 2000

begin  Zeke Krahlin quotation:

> Here's a review with subject "FreeBSD vs. Linux":
>      www.futuresouth.com/~fullermd/freebsd/bsdvlin.html

That's been on-line for a long time.  There are good parts in it, but
it's of limited current value because most of it's too dated.

At this point, FreeBSD retains better virtual-memory performance and
a faster SCSI subsystem (because it has about the best of those on any
OS).  On the other traditional points of technical comparison,
especially TCP performance and NFS quality, the two are close enough
that there's no clear winner any more.  Hardware support for the BSDs
is not quite as extensive as for Linux, but it's close.

The BSDs remain somewhat more careful (conservatively designed), and
better grounded in seasoned computing computer science.  Linux remains
more adventuresome as to its techniques and with a much faster
development pace.  Also, FreeBSD remains tops in uniprocessor
(but not SMP) performance, NetBSD remains tops in portability, and
OpenBSD remains tops in out-of-the-box security -- those being their
respective specialties.

The other differences tend to be strictly matters of personal taste.

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