[buug] A1-Yippee freeware/shareware

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Aug 27 00:08:00 PDT 2000

begin Zeke Krahlin quotation:

> Yesterday, I stumbled onto a rather impressive service that archives very
> handily, tons of shareware and freeweare...for not just Windoze, but
> Linux, Mac, BE, and Palm!
>      www.yippee.net

Feh.  I'm sorry to seem like a naysayer, but this place has such a clue
deficiency that it says "Licence:  Freeware" for things that are very
clearly proprietary software, e.g., Tripwire ASR 2.0[1].  And a brief
survey of the security category suggests that their offerings aren't 
very recent.

I'd recommend using Freshmeat first:  http://www.freshmeat.net/ 
And Sourceforge.

On the plus side, Yippee does have ratings.  Counter to that, though, I
have no idea whether they're competent to rate this software.

[1] Not to mention rsync, which they claim is at v. 1.0, although it's
at 2.4.x!

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