[buug] ideal

David S. dgjs at acm.org
Sun Dec 10 15:48:19 PST 2000

On Sun, Dec 10, 2000 at 02:33:31PM -0800, John d wrote:
> I am in the process of setting up an ISP so they can host sites that need to
> do data base stuff.  I am going to use Apache with tomcat and MySQL for the
> database.

Before you get to committed to MySQL, you should read


> I need unbiased (if that is possible) input on the best platform.
> Money is no object, reliability and stability are  the priorities at any
> cost.

You don't really mean "money is no object", do you?  If so, you should be
able to get a setup like ASCI White - IBM SP, 8192 Power3-II processors -
for under $150 million.

David S.

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