[buug] SCO's current status ?

Bill Schoolcraft bill at wiliweld.com
Thu Dec 14 19:51:22 PST 2000

Hello Family,
	Can anyone tell me the current "status/strengths" of
"UnixWare 7 -Release 7.1.1" in the industry ? I keep hearing of it
being still used in the workforce ?

	To be completely honest with you all I purchased the media
from http://www.sco.com/offers/ and when it arrives will be
installing it for some more Unix experience, the last couple of
months using Solaris-8 has made me realize I'll never get the
experience of SCO Unix without "using" SCO (duh) and where else to
ask but here.

	Using the other Unix OS's has actually helped me understand
better the whole Linux picture etc. It's kinda like meeting
someone's parents: it immediately reveals where and why the kids
look, and sometimes act the way they do. :)

Bill Schoolcraft
PO Box 210076
San Francisco, CA 94121

"UNIX, A Way of Life."

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