[buug] Web page issues

Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at iname.com
Tue Feb 1 19:33:14 PST 2000

TO SERVER HOST (presently Jon):

You may assume that all updates to our website will be ready for download 
every Thursday (meaning that I will complete each weekly update no later 
than midnight on each Wednesday).
On our BUUG home page, is now a link that says:

	Server host: please download website update BUUGWEB.zip each Thursday. 

So you may always download the update from that link, rather than keep a 
separate bookmark to the update link. I will remind you every Wednesday, by 
popping you a notice, that our site is ready for the next update...unless 
you request otherwise.

I will include a "!readme.txt" file in any future BUUGWEB.zip's, which will 
include any simple, but important notes re. updates.


Anyone is free to preview any updates by visiting our mirror site at:


That way, we can discuss certain additions or changes, w/o obligating the 
server host to change our page on more than a weekly basis. Consider the 
mirror site our "drawing board" for web page brainstorming...as well as an 
emergency backup.

As for the graphic logos I created for our page-tops: I only put them 
there, to have *something a little unique. By no means, do I intend them to 
become our permanent logo. Chris ("feedle") said he'd make some sample 
designs for name tags...and perhaps he'd also like to create our permanent 
web logo. I'll ask him about this, next meeting. What do we want for a 
logo? Bring your ideas to our next meetings.

Also, any other aspect of our web site's design, including colors, are up 
for grabs. Ergo: suggestions on web development are welcome. There is also 
the likelihood of my stepping down as webmaster, once our group grows 
larger, and some one or others would enjoy taking over this aspect.

Toll-free voice/fax mailbox (USA only):
1-888-830-5746 (ext. 8275)
ICQ#: 8485235

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