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Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at iname.com
Wed Feb 2 20:05:46 PST 2000

Hi Rick Moen, you wrote on 2/2/2000 1:14:32 PM:

>Hmm.  I see that you're using a Mail User Agent (MUA) called Phoenix
>Mail.  It seems likely that you'll have to work around its lack of a
>send-to-group function until you find another MUA.  (I like mutt, but
>it's a highly individual matter.)

Presently I still operate on the net with Wndoze95, and a freeware e-mail 
program that is very nice, in that it allows for multiple accounts. It is 
not designed like a Linux e-mail client, which I presume has the "group" 
feature by default.

>As to this list, itself, I believe it's operating perfectly.  You just
>aren't using an MUA with a group-reply function, and so need to bear
>that in mind.

No problemo. I can just pop in the BUUG list e-mail in my "To" box. 

>However, anyone who's really new to Linux would be well advised to 
>browse some of the good introductory material, including Matt Welsh's
>(et al.) book _Running Linux_.

Got my PDA, just for that purpose: to take notes off books that I can't 
presently afford to purchase. You will find me often at Cody's, perusing 
_Running Linux_, PDA in hand.

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