[buug] Web Page Update: Lynx Friendly!

Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at iname.com
Fri Feb 4 15:30:44 PST 2000

LATEST UPDATE: I have added Lynx-friendly pages to our BUUG website. 
Actually, they're more than Lynx-friendly: they're text-only withOUT even 
use of tables. This is in order to accommodate the vision impaired, for 
whom the best pages are simple linear text.

You will not find the changes on our home site, until Jon has updated 
them...I sent him a msg. requesting the update. (He's very busy with many 
projects, and can't always update immediately.) Until then, you can examine 
the text version at our mirror site:


Right above the introductory paragraph, is the text-version link.


I have a separate page that describes the schedule and location of 2600 
gatherings in S.F. For some reason that eludes me, that simple page does 
not show up in my Netscape window (I use the latest version, 4.7). This is 
the "text-version" page (the graphical equivalent does not have any 
problem.) But it displays just fine in Opera and Lynx. If anyone can figure 
this one out, I'd appreciate it. The page in question is:


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