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Mon Feb 14 13:41:57 PST 2000

Hi Rick Moen, you wrote on 2/14/2000 12:25:19 PM:

>Quoting Zeke Krahlin (ezekielk at iname.com):
> Just found this gem of a site:
> 	Linux Security Home Page
> 	http://www.cslug.net/~jtmurphy/
>On-the-fly impressions:
>Murphy's statements on the "Mission" page _do_ seem 
>to indicate that he has a clue:  

I *knew one of our wizards would be able to pick apart this site, and give additional leads to improve in this site. Much appreciated, Rick.

>"Information to keep your system safe" page:  >Outstanding!  This is a rare jewel, and will 
>benefit many.

I will certainly study this thoroughly, including of course the security "how-to".

>Practically all Linux distributions install by 
>default with miserable security.  Since this 
>isn't likely to change for a while, it behooves
>sysadmins (which includes anyone who installs 
>Linux on a box with network access) to compensate 
>for this by tightening down their systems,
>post-installation.  A _lot_, actually.

That is too bad, considering how many computer users would *like to dump Windoze, and switch to Linux w/minimal hassle. But once I master Linux, I 
can get some of these folks running their own Linux box with solid security.

>I don't think using Gibson's snake-oil solution is 
>any substitute for studying your system locally.

Thanks for all the excellent tips. Your rating a B+ for the Linux Security site is pretty high, considering your expertise with this OS, and what you demand from a resource.

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