[buug] Free DSL?

ezekielk at iname.com ezekielk at iname.com
Mon Feb 14 21:41:22 PST 2000

Just learned of a free DSL service available "now" (actually, it takes 30-60 days after registering). This is:

	FreeX DSL

Their TOS says they can charge a subscriber $500 for opting out before 5 years of use...and that, if this company ever provides local or long distance phone service, or cable service, that subscribers to their DSL 
must switch their phone/cable service over to them. This sounds way over the top, and may ruin their chances of winning the free-DSL wars...which I guess will soon burst upon the scene. They *do provide, free of charge, the hardware needed to connect.

However, Broadband Digital Group (BDG) also will offer free DSL service by April. I have already registered, to beat the rush.


In their TOS, they say: "BDG, at its sole discretion, may control the content you may view through its network based on its business relationship with various content providers and other partnership agreements." But canceling subscription does not include and financial punishment.

Can I still use a standard modem, alongside my DSL service? Or does installing DSL interfere with modem use on same line?

I presently make use of numerous free ISP's...including one or two which I can fudge to work via Linux. I am a freebie hound, especially when it comes to Internet access. I think in a few more months, more free DSL options will be available, without such harsh TOS.

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