[buug] You know you're a Linxu geek when...

Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at iname.com
Thu Feb 17 14:33:32 PST 2000

Some funny stuff from members of FreeISPCubs BBS:

From: UART6550     Feb-15 10:47 pm

[harvested freely from the www.taclug.org website; I added a few
at the end]

You know you're a Linux Geek when:

When someone mentions "The Other OS", you think they are talking
about FreeBSD.

You start using penguins in your web site design.

You've programmed your spell checker to replace "knew" and"new"
with "gnu".

When you find . -name "what" -type F| xargs grep "where"| cut -t
"when"| grep "who"> now! is a reality!

Every job interview that you go to becomes a session of Linux

You know over 20 different people by their uid on Slashdot, but
have never met them in person.

When they say "lie low" you think about booting linux.

You keep track of your highest uptime, and try to break your

The only thing you ever do online is read the latest linux news,
linux software releases, linux HOWTOs, usenet linux threads,
etc., etc.

You use /. as your homepage.

Typing 'locate Bitch' at the command prompt makes perfect sense.

You try to cat your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

You can reconstruct your fstab from scratch, and not even think
about it.

When in MS Word, you type :wq

You are hitting the TAB key in the DOS-Shell

You feel patronized when your Wintel box at work asks you if you
"really want to log out?"

You wish Windows had virtual desktops.

You enjoy getting fsck'd when your computer boots.

You know how to attain Enlightenment.

In Windows, you keep referring to your drives as /dev/hdx

Freeing the mallocs seems a worthier cause than freeing the

You ask yourself why Windows 9X has a login screen with a Cancel

Someone tells you command line options for an application and you
need toilet paper to write it down.

While at a hip party someones asks "Hey wanna burn one?".You ask
if they have a blank CDR.

When other people talk about their exotic animals you think
they're talking about O'Reilly books.

With the boot disk you're always carrying, a debian and redhat CD

You find the thought of rebooting after installing a piece of
software utterly absurd.

Tour definition of a tarball has nothing to do with fossil fuels.

When you hear the words 'Fresh meat' you think of software.

You feel the desire to master vi.

You have more than 10 network services enabled on your home

You think "Microsoft" is a brand-name for toilet paper.

The only time your computer reboots is to try out a new kernel.

You type "/" when trying to change directories in Windows.

You carry a Linux boot-floppy wherever you go.

You feel an undefined sense of shame when the advice you give on
Windows 9X works.

You're on your first date and all you can think about is open

You dream of penguins.

You scan hardrives in public places for enough space to install
Linux on.

You expect all your software to be FREE.

In fact, you expect EVERYTHING to be FREE!



From: PEEN_IS     Feb-15 11:16 pm
OK, I'll top that....speaking from experience....


You know you are a Linux user when....

Your wife threatens to leave you.

Your kids don't know you.

You call DELL for a pre-load Linux system and the salesperson has
to refer you to 10 different people.

You need 20 keystrokes for every single one under Winbloze.

You need to read the boxes of hardware to make CERTAIN it is
supported under Linux.

You don't bathe preferring instead to compile Linus's latest

You expect your car to be fixed for free.

You expect Ford parts to fit in your Chevy.

You use Latex and like the feel of rubber.

Your boss yells at you for sending out undecipherable memos
written in Star Office.

You call your corporate support desk with a question about LInux
and they tell you it's "unsupported".

You look for decent software and there is none unless it is
either geek programmer stuff or is free.

You are forced to run Netscape.

You actually LIKE text-based browsers like Lynx.

You end up looking for software deals in some dusty corner of

You don't find that software you were looking for.

You enjoy reading a thread like this and standing in a circle
with the other LinoWankers ex"trolling" the virtues of that Luser
of an operating system, Mircoslut Windbloze.

You like documentation and document everything.

You like looking up header in dejanews.

You spend endless hours trying to track down a software company
that doesn't even exist.....



From: Bernei_m     Feb-17 02:45 pm

Here's what my Random House electronic dictionary says about "geek":

   geek (gEEk) n. Slang 
   1. a carnival performer billed as performing sensationally morbid 
   or disgusting acts, as biting off the head of a live chicken. 

So who's hiding all the chickens? (Do penguins count?)

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