[buug] Re: Check out our Resources page

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jan 26 13:29:18 PST 2000

Ezekiel wrote:

> Suggestions to improve this page are eagerly sought. Likewise for any
> new links or other resources you know of, that would benefit this
> page.

It's a good start, though I tend to think the CNET site's pretty
useless.  ZDNET has an equally bad one -- in both cases largely because
they refuse to link to anything outsides themselves.  (Somebody else
might get clickthrough revenue -- eek!)

You might find http://linuxmafia.com/bale/ (my page of information on 
local *ix groups) handy.  Among other things, it'll let BUUG see that
it has a meeting-night conflict with Bay Area FreeBSD User's Group's
Berkeley chapter.

You'll note that I have a map showing people how to get to 2000 University
at Milvia.  (I find that cross-streets are always handy.)  When I get
around to it, I'll add driving/BART/AC Transit directions.

A few other comments:

(1) I take my hat off to you, if you can sustain weekly meetings.  Local 
experience with Stanford Linux User Group and CCSF Linux User Group 
suggests that most groups can't manage it.  'Course, doing this as a 
social gathering will help.  Just please make sure there's always
somebody _at_ Au Cocolat:  People typically will come to an announced
location only once, and, if there's nobody there, will decide the group
must have folded.

(2) Watch those meeting-date conflicts.  One of the reason I maintain
my site is to help groups avoid them.

(3) I'd suggest keeping a list of upcoming events right near the top 
of the main page.  List _several_ upcoming meetings, because that 
makes the site more forgiving of the inevitable deferred maintenance.
I'd suggest each listed event state the specific date and time for 
each event, in addition to the date formula (every Thursday, 7-9 PM).

That may sound excessive, but in my experience it helps.

(4) I'd suggest that the main page also prominently state that the 
group is free of charge, and open to the public.  (Yes, I know the
"About" page more or less says this.)

(5) Somebody should bring to Au Cocolat something to recognise the
group by, e.g., a stuffed Chuck the Daemon or something.

(6) I'd suggest adding a map and directions to the main page.

(7) User group Web sites benefit, in my experience, from "last revision
date" stamps and maintainer links.  Your front page has the latter in
the form of "Questions or comments? Click here to send a message."
Traditionally, the maintainer/feedback link is at the bottom.  Ditto
the datestamp.

Reason:  the datestamp helps convince people it's not a
dead/unmaintained Web page, and encourages people to send
corrections/additions.  The maintainer/feedback link makes the 
latter easy.

Cheers,                             "Ceterum censeo Linux propaganda est."
Rick Moen                                        -- Seth David Schoen
rick at linuxmafia.com

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