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Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at iname.com
Sat Jan 29 15:23:21 PST 2000

Hi Rick Moen, you wrote on 1/29/2000 3:11:58 PM:

>Now that my building's sDSL line has been repaired, I can let you guys
>know where my Linux-virus-checkers essay is:

Glad your page is back up...you have some excellent resources there. Re. 
Linux viruses: this would make a great selling point for people to switch 
from Windoze to a Linux or other Unix-derived OS. As viruses/worms/Trojan 
horses and online identity theft are on the rise, sensible paranoia will 
inspire many PC consumers to switch to a more robust, bullet-proof OS that 
is very inexpensive, and even free.

Favor request: If not too much trouble, could you post a message to John 
Scott of Colma, about my whereabouts? I can't track down his e-mail 
address or phone number on the web, and I don't want to impose on you for 
that information. Here's what you can post to John for me:

		Hi, John. This is a KAY*FOG blast from the past!
		The creater of SALLYJONES and proposer of
		self-policing CRC-redundancy virus-check 
		programs (Microcornucopeia, Sep.-Oct. 1988)
		apologizes for staying out of touch for so long.

		Of course you know who I am, but to be sure,
		visit my website at http://surf.to/gaybible.
		You'll see I go by another name these days.
		Please post to me at ezekielk at iname.com,
		so I can write back to you...and finally resume
		cyber-communications. All the things we once
		philosophized about on KAY*FOG, have come
		true...thanks to all the wizards there, who
		taught me true nerdhood and wysiwyg wisdom!

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