[buug] Web page update

Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at iname.com
Mon Jan 31 22:51:56 PST 2000

Rick Moen said:

>BAFUG-Berkeley meets on the _4th_ Thursday, which 
>sometimes equates to the last Thursday, but sometimes not. 

Thanks for catching that. I have changed that sentence to:

	We meet every Thursday of each month, from 7-9pm at
	Au Coquelot Cafe; EXCEPT on the fourth Thursday when 
	we jive with the BAFUG folks at Transbay/UC Computers, 

Thanks for catching that. At least I have the Feb. schedule correct. 
(Though the directions getting to Transbay may be somewhat in error...I 
will walk the route Thurs. afternoon to make any need connections.) (Any 
changes made to our web site will be updated each Thursday, barring any 
urgent needs.)

Also, I am *assuming that we will make our BAFUG visits a regular 
thing...but nothing is written in concrete, and we can always adjust when 
need be.

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