[buug] This spam sucks.

Christopher Sullivan feedle at feedle.net
Tue May 16 13:54:02 PDT 2000

Okay.  I'm getting a bit peeved over the frequency of spams the buug-admin
list gets.  I know we can't eliminate it, but we can do something about

I've taken the (currently two) biggest offenders, and put their contact
info on a webpage: http://www.feedle.net/buug/hallofshame.html.  I feel
the only way we can strongly discourage this behavior is to generate some
negative PR for these people (secondarily, the maito: links in the html
are bound to be spamspider food).  Additionally, I've added some
suggestions to how to appropriately advertise their products to us.

Note in the message I mention buug-pr at weak.org.  Jon has created this list
specifically for transmission of stuff like this, so the buug-admin list
won't get hit quite so hard... and Unix/linux vendors can still send us
stuff.  As much as I hate spam, I can honestly say some of it is
interesting... I just don't want it in my INBOX.

Any thoughts on this?  

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