[buug] Advert is okay

Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at netzero.net
Tue May 16 15:33:58 PDT 2000

Uti, just to inform you that the advert is fine for publication in the
Community Yellow Pages. Peter was there, and assured me on this. There
is, however, the matter of using higher resolution in future. The .PCD
(photo CD) image format by Kodak, seems to only want to translate as 100
pixels per inch...and we really want something around 200 (or best:

Given the brief time I had to meet the deadline, I have not been able to
learn how to get a higher resolution. All the image editors I use, were
incapable of changing PCD resolution to anything higher. Perhaps this
process must be done by a program that came with your digital
camera...so that, I'd have to process images to a higher resolution on
your iMac.

Anyway, Peter says the advert will look very good at this lower

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