[buug] Free Network Project

Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at netzero.net
Thu May 18 12:00:17 PDT 2000

I just learned about the "Free Network Project", a voluntary joint
effort by anyone who has a server to spare and a desire to maintain a
truly free Internet.


---begin Free Network description (from their home page):

Freenet is a peer-to-peer network designed to allow the distribution of
information over the Internet in an efficient manner, without fear of
censorship. Freenet is completely decentralized, meaning that there is
no person, computer, or organisation in control of Freenet or essential
to its operation. This means that Freenet cannot be attacked like
centralized peer-to-peer systems such as Napster. Freenet also employs
intelligent routing and caching meaning that it learns to route requests
more efficiently, automatically mirrors popular data, makes network
flooding almost impossible, and moves data to where it is in greatest
demand. All of this makes it much more efficient and scalable than
systems such as Gnutella.

To become a part of Freenet all you need is a computer with an Internet
connection and the capability to run a Freenet server. We are currently
developing a Java server which we have been testing over the past few
weeks, but which is not yet release quality. You can download a snapshot
of the latest code from the menu on the left.

---end description

Ezekiel J. ("I couldn't hack my way
out of a virtual paper bag") Krahlin

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