[buug] Mandrake Update Question

Kewl 123 kewl123 at freewwweb.com
Sat May 27 16:55:46 PDT 2000

Using Linux Mandrake 6.1: while connected to the 'net, I ran the
Mandrake update program, and selected all update modules, which totals
well over 10mb. Well, after approving all of them, the update window
closed, with no indication of whether or not anything was being
downloaded, let alone indicating how much time left to complete the

So I was afraid to disconnect, not knowing how long this would take.
After 20 minutes though, I disconnected anyway. I have not rebooted,
yet, so I have no idea how Mandrake will react. But how on earth do I
know if any update was made?

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