[buug] Come to the meeting, get free stuff

Jon McClintock jammer at weak.org
Wed Nov 1 16:07:52 PST 2000

Hello folks,

Not that this should be your only incentive to come to the meetings, but, 
the fine folks at AbriaSoft have given me a stack of 20 CDs, which contain
a "lite" version of their SQL package.

What is it? I'm not entirely sure, but judging from the marketing sheet that
came with the CDs, it's a turn-key MySQL installation for RedHat. The CD
also says it includes "MySQL Administration Training CD-ROM Demo", whatever
that is.

Anyways, you're welcome to come by, pick one up, try it out, and tell us what
you think. You can also pick one up and use it as a coffee coaster, if you'd

Note that this is not an endorsment, just me passing on free stuff that I was
given. You're welcome to say (shout loudly, even) that this software is a load
of crap. If you work for a competing company, you're also welcome to send me
some CDs to distribute :)


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