[buug] Windows linux internet sharing

Feedlebom feedle at feedle.net
Tue Nov 21 07:46:15 PST 2000

On 21 Nov 2000, Gyan Chawdhary wrote:

> Hello everybody
> I have installed Windows ME and connected it to the NET with a DSL line. I also 
> have a RH 7 linux box, but it refuses to accept the DSL connection as the DSL
> can be hooked up only with the USB support. 
> Is there a possibility that I can share my internet connection by making Windows
> ME as the server and connecting my linux box with a HUB.Can anybody give me some 
> links to HOWTOS on this problem.

To my knowledge, there is no HOWTO on this, as Windows ME is still kinda

That being said, I've used the "Home Networking / Internet Connection
Sharing" in WinME, and it appears to be nothing more than a DHCP server
combined with IP Masquerading.

Have you tried simply setting your Linux box up for DHCP, and seeing what
happens?  You're likely to get handed a 192.168.0.x IP address, and all
should be wunnerful.


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