[buug] ssh Question

Luis Luis at paycom.net
Mon Nov 27 16:55:11 PST 2000

I was wondering if anyone ran into a problem or know about problem with ssh
trying to connect to a red hat system 7.0

here's the problem that I'm having, i download the ssh-1.2.30
installed it in red hat 7.0
I have 2 linux box so both of them have ssh running.

What i'm having trouble is trying to open any of the conf file from the
But the terminal that i'm trying to use is the one that comes with sshbuddy.

You make connections through sshbuddy, and if you like to connect all you do
is double click on them. it opens up a terminal for you, so your good to go.
but when i try to open or userconf or the netconf i get this error message


X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication at Mon Nov 27

Rejected connection at Mon Nov 27 :X11connection from linuxserver port 1027

Error message from remadin: Gdk-Error **: X connection to linuxserver:10.0
broken ( explicit kill or server shutdown)

so if anyone out there know what the hell all this mean it would really help
me out


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