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Presumably you also have nics for the 3 PCs.

I have never actually done what you describe, but friends report that it's
well documented in the HOWTO on IP Masquerading (which is the linux
equivalent of NAT).  A copy of this is probably installed on your linux
machine in /usr/doc, but you can also read it here:


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Hello ,

I was wondering if anyone out there could help me out , or would be able to
point me in the right direction on how I could use my DSL line.

Let me tell you what i like to do ,

1. i have 3 PC computers 1 linux  box 6.2
2. have 2 nic cards

now what i like to do is setup my linux box to be the server plus my
firewall. I would like to have my other computers that i have to be able to
get on the net.

now what would i have to do , or what file or program do i have to learn so
I could do this. what steps do i have to learn them in .

I know its asking a lot but i'm new , so any information would help me out.

Thank you


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