[buug] Question about DSL

Jon McClintock jammer at weak.org
Tue Oct 17 09:51:34 PDT 2000

On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 05:26:21PM -0700, Luis wrote:
> now what would i have to do , or what file or program do i have to learn so
> I could do this. what steps do i have to learn them in .

What you will need is one NIC for each computer, an additional NIC for the 
firewall/router PC, a network hub, and of course cabling. So if you have
3 PC's and a firewall/router PC, you will need 5 NICs, a hub, and the associated

You will want to set it up like this:

  [ DSL Modem ]
  [ Router PC ]
  [ Network Hub ]
       || ||  \=================`\
       || \==========\         ||
       ||           ||         ||
    [ PC #1]     [ PC #2]   [ PC #3]

You will want to setup NAT (Network Address Translation, also called IP 
Masquerading). See the HOWTO that someone else pointed out.

To make managing your network easier, you will probably want to setup a DHCP
server. There is a HOWTO for this as well; it is most likely referenced in the

If any of this is unclear, feel free to ask further questions.


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