[buug] TonStanco is at it again...

Feedlebom feedle at feedle.net
Tue Sep 26 10:31:39 PDT 2000

I won't bore everybody with the details, but remember a few months back I
flamed Tony Stinko... err... Stanco about putting everybody's subscriber
information in the To: headers?  Well, it's come back to haunt us.  

I'm now really peeved at this whole situation.  Mr. Stanco is an ignorant
fool who seems to lack some fundamental understanding of the technology he
is trying to "report" on.

Question for Rick: Have you, or anybody else, noticed that Mr. Stanco is
such a vehemant proponent of Open Source (to the extent that he wants
_ALL_ software to be inherently open through legislative changes to
copyright law)... and uses AOL, perhaps the epitome of closed source?  Has
anybody called him on this?

Maybe we should.

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