[buug] Re: [Buug-admin] Mr Tiemann's unauthorized use

TonStanco at aol.com TonStanco at aol.com
Tue Sep 26 15:44:29 PDT 2000

>  So, here's the question.  Don't you think it's a bit disingenuous that you
>  take that position, and yet use as your primary means of Internet access
>  an ISP that is the ultimate in a closed-source model (proprietary
>  software, running only on proprietary operating systems, using a
>  proprietary network communications protocol) ?  In this day and age, where
>  there are a large quantity of ISPs that not only support Open Source
>  operating systems, but use them in their backend, why do you continue to
>  support a company who's entire business model probably would be in
>  jeapoardy in your world?

Isn't this some sort of ISP prejudice? It is easy to look at the ISP and use 
that as a short cut to infer what is in someone's heart. But it is 
inaccurate. You have to see how each one thinks and speaks, individually. 
That may be harder, but it is more accurate. Otherwise is it just another 
group-based prejudice.

The reason I use this ISP is because it is the one I started with. At the 
time it was the easiest to use, and I haven't gotten around to changing it. 
Though I think that time is quickly coming. 

I will be leaving my job soon to help free software, which is more indicative 
than my ISP of my support of free software. Can you say as much? Or is having 
the "right" ISP enough for you? 

Life is much more complicated than black and white. There are no shortcuts to 
true understanding of a person. 

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