[buug] Multiple problems

Mark Handley mjh at aciri.org
Mon Dec 31 22:46:10 PST 2001

>I'm having several problems with my most recent attempt at running FreeBSD as 
>my desktop software:  1-the os stoped booting and would stop when the last 
>message was the discovery of the parallel port.  This happened on an ASUS A7V 
>board and neither openbsd nor Linux had this problem.  Moving the scsi hd to 
>an ASUS P2L97S board solved the problem.  2-kde won't with either 3.36 or 
>4.1, having installed using /stand/sysinstall, neither through startx or 

I'm running both FreeBSD 4.4R and 4.3R, and XFree86 3.3.6 and 4.1.0.
I have a few Asus A7V boards running FreeBSD.  And I'm running Kde 2.1
as I type this.  

You'd need to say what the error is with Kde for anyone to help.

The A7V has a known problem with disks; both SCSI and IDE disks suffer
corruption when writing large files.  It's a BIOS problem, as Asus
were too aggressive in their North Bridge tuning.  There's a Bios fix
available - when I came across this back in April, I flashed
a7v10801b.zip, although that was a Beta release.  It's still available
from ftp://ftp.asus.com.tw/pub/asus/beta/mb/bios/a7v10801b.zip but
there's probably a production release by now.  I wouldn't use an A7V
under any OS without updating the Bios.


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