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Fri Jul 20 10:39:13 PDT 2001

For those who haven't signed up for a free expo pass, see below.


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Subject:  LinuxWorld Conference & Expo FREE EXPO PASS!

SPECIAL OFFER - Register NOW for a FREE Exhibits Only Pass and join the
unprecedented masses who have already committed to attend the #1 Linux event in
the world - LinuxWorld Conference & Expo!

We are excited to offer you a FREE Expo Pass which allows you access to the
Exhibit Floor, Keynotes, Birds-of-a Feather Sessions and Feature Presentations.
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo is the world?s leading Linux event focusing on
Linux and Open Source solutions!  Take advantage of this special offer NOW!

It's simple.  Click on the link below to register today for your FREE Exhibits
Only Pass.

IMPORTANT:  Use priority code LWLUG when registering!

Or, click on the link below, print your FREE Expo Pass and bring on-site.

Offer valid for new registrations only.

** Please forward me your postal address if you would like me to send several
hard copies of the pass.

We look forward to seeing you at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco!
For General Information, please call 1-800-657-1474.
The LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Team!

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