[buug] Re: [Buug-admin] Email List Rental

C. Sullivan feedle at feedle.net
Mon Oct 22 20:30:44 PDT 2001

On Monday 22 October 2001 16:31, you wrote:
> dear BUUG administrator(s)
> I would like to promote a service to members of your user group and invite
> them to an industry event. How can I do that?
> Thanks,
> Vincent Fallourd
> Alliance Program Manager
> (415) 374-8231
> Acteva
> 633 Battery Street, 2nd Floor
> San Francisco, CA 94111

Please, please... those of you in other UNIX-oriented user groups... please 
tell me that this sort of request is not common... and better yet, please 
tell me that it is never honored...

(Yes, I told the guy to get stiff.  Topic was his, BTW.  Rental?  No.)


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