[buug] Corel WordPerfect isn't...

C. Sullivan feedle at feedle.net
Mon Sep 10 15:49:24 PDT 2001

On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, Karshi Hasanov wrote:

> Maybe I can help you out if you tell me more what's  not working with Corel 
> WP _Linux.
> Are you running WP_2000?

Word Perfect Office 2000 Deluxe, retail edition.  The one that comes with
the little stuffed penguin beanie.

> What version of XFree86 you are using?

Umm.. 3.3.6, I believe.  It's whatever version is the default for Debian

> I've Corel WP_2000 running on my machine. I had to fix some problems , and it 
> works fine.

It works great if I don't have my /home partition mounted off of
NFS.  And, I've hacked a workaround: I've symlinked the .wpo2000/ and
.corel/ directories in my NFS mounted home directory to places on a local
filesystem, and it works.

My assertion was that this was the result of defective programming.  From
what I heard, this was done intentionally because of some "security
flaw" with either WINE or Linux's socket code.  This should have not been
an issue: NFS imported /home is not, by any strech of the imagination,


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