[buug] reply need some help getting setting up

Jerry Cheung jrcow97 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 26 09:51:02 PDT 2002

> I need some help trying to get a SOHO set up at my
> apartment in Vallejo. I
> am happy to compensate someone to give me a hand,
> since I am very new to the
> BSD & UNIX world. Do you have anyone who maybe
> interested? Basically I want
> to get my DSL hooked up and network 2-4 different
> systems. Please let me
> know.
>Brian Mickel

Hi, I don't think I'd be too much help to you, but I'd
like to come watch so I can also learn how to set up
DSL, and some networking.  If you don't mind that
is... :)


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