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Thu Aug 8 13:10:08 PDT 2002

Dude, it's like you started a lecture series on semiconductors,
then took sebatical for six years to snort coke in the Andes,
then you come back to the lecture hall and start shouting at
everyone for not worshipping your Royal Gayness while the rest
of the geeks went on to build a quantum computer.  What do you
expect?  Even if you did start the group, you're not likely to
regain your popularity by telling everyone that they're not as
cool as you.

Has anyone ever seen Britney Spears' guide to semiconductor
physics?  Check it out for a (better) laugh:


On Wed, 7 Aug 2002, Ezekiel Krahlin wrote:

> Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 22:36:08 -0700
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> Subject: Re: Re. [buug] Security Matters and Anti-Matters
> 8/7/02 10:08:34 PM, Michael Salmon <ms at> wrote:
> >Your messages remind of the writings on the Dr. Bronners soap.
> >Which is fine to read when you're in the shower or the toilet,
> With such high standards, I can easily imagine you using Shakespeare's
> pages to cushion hemorrhoids
> >but when I'm at my computer I prefer not to read utter crap.
> You need a chill pill, dude. It is not my fault so many clueless stick-in-the-mud folks participate in this list. I founded
> BUUG, and wanted to drop by again, and make everyone laugh. Instead, I get this pathetic response from jaded
> programmers too self-centered to see the world beyond their screens.
> My writing is way too subtle for you to grasp; but that doesn't mean EVERYONE reads the same things into my
> works as you do. Just because you're not in the mood this moment, to share a joke a two, gives you no right to
> insult and harass. My, what a snotty little clique we have here now, don't we?
> >Your complaint about opening the list up to "newbies" is silly.
> >If a newbie mailed the list asking "How do I type in bash?"
> Ah, but if a newbie was also a good writer, and enjoyed sharing pieces of his prose on his attempts to write
> CyberPunk parodies...this is somehow "off topic", "inappropriate", or "wrong"? Since when does hacking only
> involve the cold, mathematical side? What about all the creative inspiration that came from the non-science side of
> reality? My ability to see the world through a hacker's mind is thanks to all the hacker friends I have made, and even
> sometimes helped.
> So I see no excuse for ANYONE who respects other hackers, to not appreciate some off-the-wall humor...which
> also contains some real puzzles for those hackers really in the know, to identify and solve. Plus, I did ask some help
> with tracking down an ISP's reason for seeming to almost well as some questions on very lax security
> with many ISP's, banks and other powerful institutions. Gee, I guess the issue of computer security is off topic here,
> too...when Zeke brings it up?
> >I'm sure someone would answer, or at least they wouldnt get flamed.
> Clueless is as clueless does.
> Vote for me or Steven Woz.
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