[buug] Non-profit group requests assistance

Ezekiel Krahlin ezekielk at myrealbox.com
Tue Aug 27 22:36:40 PDT 2002

8/27/02 9:50:05 PM, Michael Salmon <ms at formulae.org> wrote:

>in any case, since you'll not get any inkling of tech support from me,

That's okay. At least you have a sensible suggestion, though misconstrued.

>i suggest you find one of the many existing message board programs

This message board is for an ISP server, not an individual web site. OPG (Online Policy Group) - http://www.onlinepolicy.org/ - is the LGBT service 
that sponsors non-profit groups, including myself. They have been providing mailing lists for a few years, and want to also provide message boards to 
its subscribers. If anyone wants to know the details, and why OPG wants to build one for themselves, feel free to ask OPG President Will Doherty at - 
doherty at onlinepolicy.org - .

>learn how to install it. i assume you know how to use a search engine.

Sure. And I assume you know how to read...though some hackers I've met seem to be lacking in advanced English skills, and socializing. That is 
where I step in at times, to facilitate hacker groups.

As for installing message boards, I've installed and run quite a few in my time, including (my favorite): DISCUS - 
http://www.discusware.com/discus/index.php - . And in the Pre-Internet days (the "golden age" of BBS'ing), I preferred running Maximus on my own 
system, and on those of my clients. I still enjoy Maximus for its clean interface and ease of customizing.

I was planning to install a board on my website (which permits cgi), until I learned that OPG wants to create a board service for all members. As for 
search engines, my favorite is AllTheWeb (2nd favorite is Google).

And I reiterate: the rudeness by some members here towards my original post is really inexcusable, and shameful. I think that at least one person who 
behaved in this manner, might realize this, and be glad to make things up to me, by offering some quality assistance to OPG. That would really make
my day.

"I will never abuse the Oval Orifice."  
     - El Presidente Zeke

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