[buug] Cloning drives

Skip Evans evans at ncseweb.org
Sat Dec 7 18:08:08 PST 2002

Hey all,

Still trying to clone a drive. But I've narrowed down the problems a bit more
I think:

I'm trying a trial run on another box I have here, a BSD 4.5 install I did
when learning to install BSD. (Trying to clone the drive using the same script).

I have the second drive configured in the BIOS and plugged into the second
slot on the IDE controller. The hardware seems to recognize it okay, shows it
when booting up.

But I'm getting two errors at the top of the script:

#blow away all data one ad1 
/bin/dd if=3D/dev/zero of=3D/dev/ad1 bs=3D512 count=3D32 

{{{ This command gets 'An illegal value for bs }}}

# do the fdisk 
/sbin/fdisk -BI ad1 

{{{ this one gets 'device ad1 not configured' }}}

Do I have to tell BSD the second drive is there and what its configuration is?


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