[buug] Test message, apologies...

Jerry Asher jerry-sourceforge at theashergroup.com
Tue Dec 10 00:46:22 PST 2002

f.johan.beisser wrote:

> On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, Jerry Asher wrote:
> >That's certainly what it looks like.  Now I have never told qmail to use
> >only TLS, and I haven't told it to prefer TLS, but I can imagine it
> >being coded to do so.
> the only way to know is to check the code.
> djb's license won't allow you to change it, though.

I would prefer not to get into the religious flame wars, but it's not 
true that I can't legally change the qmail software.  Hell, it was my 
applying a well known patch to qmail that got me the TLS support that 
now seems to be causing me problems :).  (maybe that's :( )

> >Can you tell me what it might be about weak.org, or between any two MTAs
> >that might cause my installation of qmail to try a TLS connection
> >between the two sites?
> probably attempting to negotiate "ehlo" vs just "helo". seeing TLS as an
> option makes the OS attempt it. you might be better served just creating
> your own certificates and going on from there.

Yeah, uh, actually I have.  I'm not sure why the error message is that 
it couldn't find a client cert in the file, it certainly is there, but 
I'll look into that.  What's odd is that these messages are getting 
through and I haven't changed anything in my system at all.

> look up the info on how TLS is negotiated.
> it's in an RFC, somewhere.

Yes, that will be the next step.

Thanks for your help,


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