[buug] Test message, apologies...

Jerry Asher jerry-sourceforge at theashergroup.com
Tue Dec 10 02:02:26 PST 2002

Rick Moen wrote:

> Suggestion:  When/if you feel a need to go off-list, (1) remove any
> list-tag (such as "[buug]") from the subject header.  It wouldn't even
> hurt to change it to "[off-list]".  (2) Disclose at the top of your mail
> the fact that you've just gone off-list, and why.
> Although there are certainly sometimes reasons to want to go to private
> mail, most of us expect that a list thread will continue to be on-list
> unless and until two participants _both_ intentionally take it private.
> The occasional experience (which didn't occur here, but often does) of
> crafting a careful list-thread reply to benefit the public, and then
> noticing, just before sending (or after) that the person you're replying
> to has already taken you into private mail without saying so, can be
> absolutely infuriating.

Yes, I've had that experience, and yes, it's annoying.  Thanks for
your description on good ways to go off list, I appreciate that.


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