[buug] Whats a good MTA?

Jerry Asher jerry-sourceforge at theashergroup.com
Wed Dec 11 11:28:20 PST 2002

Matt Bockman wrote:

>well, I just have like.. 3 accounts. ONe for me, one for my junk mail, and
>one for my friend. I don't need anything of great power, really. But I would
>like to have a sort of hotmailish thing going on, where I could check my
>mail from my site. Anyway, latez all...
I am using courier-imap in conjunction with qmail and squirrelmail.

Squirrelmail is okay, but is limited to what can be done in a browser. 
The best feature of imap is that I can trivially setup mozilla/linux, 
mozilla/w2k, evolution, eudora, mulberry to access my mail from offsite, 
and then if I am at a location that just has a browser, I can use the 
more limited Squirrelmail.


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