[buug] mail servers for boxes with MX records?

Nick Jennings nkj at namodn.com
Wed Dec 11 19:51:52 PST 2002

You should be safe with just one mailserver. Though, I don't see
why you'd wan't people addressing user at box2.foo.org instead of
just user at foo.org in the first place. All the mail is going to be
going there anyway.

- Nick Jennings

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 03:27:43PM -0500, N. Thomas wrote:
> I just set up Bind 9 on a network here. My next task is to set up the
> mail server. Before I go into this I have one issue that I'd like to
> clarify.
> My network looks something like this:
>                   [ box1 ]
>                 / 
>         [ box0 ]- [ box2 ]
>                 \
>                   [ box3 ]
> box0 serves as the firewall, gateway, and dns server, and it is the
> machine I wish to set up the mail server on. I'm planning on adding MX
> records for the other machines so that they all point to box0.
> Now here is what I am not sure about: I know that box0 will have a mail
> server runing, but do the other boxes need to have a mail server running
> on each of them as well?
> What I'm concerned about is mail that is sent from box2 to some local
> user (i.e. user at box2.foo.org) should correctly go to user at foo.org. Will
> the MUA on box2 realize that box0 is the mail server, and send the mail
> there? Or do I have to set up a mail server on box2 as well for this to
> work? (i.e. do I set up 4 mail servers or just one?)
> thomas
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