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Mon Dec 16 07:15:34 PST 2002

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Subject: Looking for Linux consultant

    Hi. I have been dabbling in Linux since 1998, and have come to the conclusion that if I wait until I can set up a functioning environment, I will never be working in Linux.

I would like to find a consultant to set up a dedicated Linux box for me. I want to run Apache Web Server with Samba configured to talk to the rest of my LAN. I will be installing Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (v8). My objective is to have an environment that will enable me to learn Web application development. I'll also want to be able to call upon the consultant for support as needed.

I live in Crockett, and have been unsuccessful at finding (via Google or the Yellow Pages) a Linux consultant.

Can you help me?

Kathleen Beaumont

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