[buug] Sendmail/SMTP problem on FreeBSD

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Wed Feb 27 13:18:06 PST 2002

Don - 

You'll probably want to give questions at freebsd.org.  That's the support mailing list for FreeBSD and there are lots of helpful people that that might be able to offer some suggestions.  (Not that BUUG isn't helpful, it's just that the people on questions are FreeBSD specialists.)  You'll get a faster response there than you will here.

Check out this link, which will help you get a better response:

How to use freebsd question



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Here are the answers to your questions:

1.  Sendmail
2.  I have not checked the logs yet.  (You will have to understand, I 
am very new to both FreeBSD and Sendmail.)
3.  The problem is with any e-mail address.
4.  I ran a Reverse DNS lookup and the IP address matches the name 
for the mail server.

miduckhunter at beer.com

> - Which MTA are you running? Sendmail? Exim? Postfix? Qmail
> - Have you checked your logs for any informative error messages?
> - Is it a specific email address your user is having troubles 
sending mail
> - Does the reverse DNS lookup for your severs IP address match what 
  mail server says it is called?
> It could be that the host they are trying to send mail to is doing 
a reverse
lookup, finding something different, and rejecting it.


On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 01:52:51PM -0500, D. L wrote:
> I am someone you will be able to help me.  I really do not know 
> else to go for guidance on an Issue that I am seeing with SMTP 
> POP3 on my box that is running Apache 1.3 on Free BSD.  In addition 
> am not that proficient in the Linux/Unix Environement.
>  I have a SMTP and POP3 server running Apache 1.3 on FreeBSD.  I 
> been getting a complaint from an end user that his e-mail is not 
> functioning properly.
>  This end user can send mail out.  He is not receiving any messages 
>  from the daemon indicating that it did not send successfully.  At 
> this point he is assuming that the mail has been sent.  The problem 
> is that the recipient never did get the message or when they do 
> receive it they are unable to reply to it.
>  For some reason they are prompted with an error indicating that 
> host (my mail server) cannot be found.  I find this funny because I 
> have 50 other e-mail boxes/accounts on this server and no one else 
> has mentioned any problems.
>  I contacted my ISP and had them verify my MX records and DNS for 
> mail server and domain.  Everything appears to be correct.  With 
> in mind I tried sending and receiving e-mails from this 
account.  The 
> same results occured.  I deleted and recreated the account in 
> question and still the same result.
>  Finally I created a test account using his first inital and the 
> first 8 letters of his name.  This account functions properly.  I 
> believe that his account is bad.  Aside from deleting it and 
> recreating it on the server is there anything else I can do to fix 
> this issue?  Your help is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Don
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