[buug] i have a Free BSD server

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Feb 27 17:52:56 PST 2002

Quoting Justin M Bisted (jbisted at mycomputerdoctor.net):

> I Have a free bsd server and I have popper and send mail installed I can
> mail to it and I can send to it how do I make a address forward from it 
> Like:
> Justin at freebsd.mycomputerdoctor.net
> <mailto:Justin at freebsd.mycomputerdoctor.net>  (on the Freebsd server)
> Is forwared to 
> Justin at mycomputerdoctor.net <mailto:Justin at mycomputerdoctor.net>  (on
> another server)

The root user can set up redirects from accounts that exist on the 
local box as well as those that don't, to one or more redirect
mailboxes, in /etc/aliases .  E.g., my /etc/aliases file includes these

postmaster: root
root: rick

There is no "postmaster" login account on the machine, but any mail
arriving for postmaster gets redirected to root, which in turn gets
redirected to rick.

Individual users can redirect their own incoming mail to elsewhere via
one or more lines in a ~/.forward file.

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