[buug] External storage solution

New Star Service Company nestar at globalctg.net
Tue Jul 16 09:51:37 PDT 2002

I am trying to share an LSILogic San volume by 20 different Linux 
boxes for full text indexing. Is it even possible to share the same 
volume and have read/write access to all of those 20 linux machines 
at the same time? Previously, we were using Solaris with Verisign's 
Volume Manager, to solve this problem. For cost efficiency I am 
looking into a linux solution. I know for sure that Santricity with 
Tivoli or Verisign Volume manager can easily be used on linux. I was 
wondering if there's a built-in utility in Redhat7.3 that can help me 
solve this problem, without having to buy a third party software. 

Any help would be appreciated

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