[buug] Re: Woody is out!

Jerry Cheung jrcow97 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 22 17:31:18 PDT 2002

> From: Ian Zimmerman <itz at speakeasy.org>
> For those who don't know already, quoting
> http://www.debian.org/ :
> >> The latest stable release of Debian is 3.0r0. The
> last update to
> >> this release was made on July 19th, 2002. Read
> more about available
> >> versions of Debian.

Does anyone have the new woody CDs' and would be
willing to let me borrow them because a friend of mine
would be really grateful as he is still using slink. 
Some of the packages are really old :(

thanks in advance!
Jerry jrcow97 at yahoo.com

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