[buug] Help

Steve Shaffer sgshaffer at charter.net
Mon Jul 22 21:40:57 PDT 2002

I am new to the Linux world and am having a problem setting up Samba.

I have gone through the diagnosis document on the samba.org/docs site
and have mangage to get most things set up.

I can ping my samba server from the Windows ME systems I have and I see
the server in my network places...Entire Network.  When I click on the
server I receive a Host name not found.

I have added the server IP address and name to the windows HOSTS.SAM.  I
have created the samba password directory using smbpasswd.  The host
name is correct with the correct IP address and netmask.  smb is running
as a daemon and started with /etc/services.  I have setup smb.conf with
password encryption and 10 characters for the caps resolution.  I have
set up a /tmp directory for anyone that logs on.  The server /etc/hosts
has the IP address and name of each of the windows hosts.  Windows
password and user name and password has been verified on both the server
and on the window machines.

I don't know where to go next.

Thank you for any help on this problem.


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