[buug] BSD newbie needs help

Michael Salmon ms at formulae.org
Wed Jul 24 12:04:44 PDT 2002

On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 11:54:52AM -0700, Skip Evans wrote:
> Hi Everyone,

hi skip 
> That said, I left dev work after 15 years to work at a small non-profit here in Oakland defending the teaching of evolution in public schools. Bringing my background with me, a couple of things I've done is to add an intr(a)net section to our int(e)rnet facility that we use for various sundry activities, and also organize closed list serves for various communities of activists we work with around the country. Our internet and intranet is currently a Windows NT/ASP shop, and I decided with our own in-house server I'd opt for BSD for the next phase of the intranet, and migrating our lists from Yahoo Groups and another Unix server someone else maintains, I'd be able to get more done and better organized.
> I've got BSD installed on an old box we had laying around, but will probably need help getting it on the network and getting our second domain name signed up for it. Additionally, I'll need majordomo, Samba, and Apache set up for the initial fire up. 

First, I recommend you use the latest apache 1.3 rather then the newer 2.0.
Other then that you shouldnt have a problem setting any of these systems up
unless you're going to use Samba as a real replacement for an NT/2K server.
It's very easy to mount and share file systems with samba but much more work
to have it be used for a windows network.

> In the meantime, a couple of quick questions: for dev work I always worked under the CDE environment, but just to see what it was like I loaded Gnome on this box. One feature I really liked under CDE (KDE), were the buttons on the bottom of the tool bar that essentially gave you four screens in one. Is it possible to configure Gnome like that? I thought I had seen workstations accessing Linux boxes at one job that were like this. How customizable is Gnome? Do any of you have preference for one over the other?

I'm not sure if you're talking about a pager, which is what most windowmanager,
desktops call the interface to view multiple desktops in a small window
on the desktop, and switch between them. I don't use gnome and I don't recommend
using what I use, but search google for a "gnome pager". Otherwise, I know
that KDE has one "kpager".

> Skip Evans


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