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f.johan.beisser jan at caustic.org
Wed Jul 24 13:05:37 PDT 2002

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Skip Evans wrote:

> I've got BSD installed on an old box we had laying around, but will
> probably need help getting it on the network and getting our second
> domain name signed up for it. Additionally, I'll need majordomo, Samba,
> and Apache set up for the initial fire up.

those are all fairly easy with freebsd.

all of those will be available through the freebsd ports system. take a
look at:


through this you'll have a remarkably fast build and install. you can also
add them through prebuilt packages:

	pkg_add -r majordomo
	pkg_add -r samba
	pkg_add -r apache13

those will grab the latest packages from ftp.freebsd.org.

> Are there people on the list available for consulting work? We are a
> non-profit and don't have a big budget but if we get some good estimates
> we can pay someone for the work. If our budget is too small, I'd be
> happy to compensate with some pizza and a few beers if you like at the
> end of a few hour stint. I'd prefer work on say a Saturday afternoon so
> that I could look over your shoulder and learn a bit. I'll be
> maintaining this thing moving forward and I know I have a lot of
> learning to do.

being that you're a non-profit, i'd probably be willing to do some
volunteer work for you. consultants tend to be rather expensive,
especially with regards to UNIX.

> In the meantime, a couple of quick questions: for dev work I always
> worked under the CDE environment, but just to see what it was like I
> loaded Gnome on this box. One feature I really liked under CDE (KDE),
> were the buttons on the bottom of the tool bar that essentially gave you
> four screens in one. Is it possible to configure Gnome like that? I
> thought I had seen workstations accessing Linux boxes at one job that
> were like this. How customizable is Gnome? Do any of you have preference
> for one over the other?

there are ways. KDE does the same bit, of course. most window managers
these days allow you to have multiple virtual desktops. gnome has an
appelet to handle it, although i'm not sure how to set it up. i don't use

> Thanks so much! I hope to attend the August 1 meeting.

hmm. maybe i will aswell. been on the list for months now, and still
haven't attended a meeting.

for additional freebsd specific help, take a look at


the mailing list FreeBSD-questions at freebsd.org is remarkably helpful, but
very high traffic. so set up some filters for it. subscribe by sending
mail to majordomo at freebsd.org with "subscribe freebsd-questions" in the

let me know if there's anything else you need to know.

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