[buug] tee command hanging

Nick Dunphy ndunphy at comnitel.com
Thu Jul 25 03:37:13 PDT 2002

Hi folks,
	I'm attempting to use 'tee' within a wrapper script to log stdout & stderr
to a file. Specifically it executes the following:

	command args 2>&1 | tee <logfile>

However we have dsicovered that for certain 3rd-party commands (i.e.
executables) that the tee hangs and requires the operator to <control-C> to
complete the command, e.g.

ndunphy at bandon% mskstart cdsp 2>&1 | tee nick
# Warning: Starting framework module cdsp ...

# Done
<hanging here>
^Cndunphy at bandon%

Has anyone seen this behaviour before with tee? If so, then is there a
solution? If not, then does anyone propose an alternate solution?

Nicholas Dunphy
Comnitel Technologies Ltd.
nicholas.dunphy at comnitel.com

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