[buug] Falling back to gcc 2.95

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Mon Mar 4 17:09:09 PST 2002


I'm building a server for work and in our collective wisdom, we decided to
build mysql from source.

On www.mysql.com we saw a warning about using gcc 2.96 as follows:

	"We recommend that MySQL be compiled with gcc 2.95"

...due to stability issues.

I installed (forced) the following:


and then typed:

	# gcc -v

...and got back...

	gcc version 2.95.3 20010315 (release)

But when I begin configuring mysql, I slam against the following wall:

	checking whether the C compiler (gcc   ) works... no
	configure: error: installation or configuration problem:
		C compiler cannot create executables.

This is one of those places in life when actually knowing what you're
doing really would help :-)

Can anyone enlighten me?  

Thanks for sticking with me this far, reading this wannabe stuff.


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